David Duhamel, the COO of Perfecta, Ruby Wines Inc. New Hampshire, has over twenty-seven years of
industry experience which includes working for suppliers and distributors covering New Hampshire,
Maine and Vermont. With a background in hotel administration and food service, he made the
transition in , joining Perfecta as . In that previous role, under the helm of previous owner Charles
Zoulias, David is credited for paving the growth of Perfecta from one wine producer, Trimbach, to a
company of.

For over twenty-five years, David has been partnering with the New Hampshire Licensing Commission in
a variety of distributor roles and positions. His extensive working relationship with the NHLC and innate
understanding of the complex New Hampshire market, make him a vital part of the success and growth
of Perfecta, Ruby Wines Inc. New Hampshire, as the company builds its’ presence in the New Hampshire
market. David has created a seamless transition with his calm demeanor and leadership skills and has
proven to be a “perfect” fit for the Ruby Wines Senior Management team and its approach and
commitment to the company’s continued expansion in the New Hampshire market.

When not working, David can be found working on his golf game, biking with Team 603 or playing with
his rescue pup Mia.