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Ruby Wines is a family owned and operated fourth generation company. Our mission is to supply superior customer service and top rated products to our growing list of customers in Massachusetts. Although we have a comprehensive portfolio of wines from around the world, our greatest asset is our employees. The Ruby Wines team is highly educated and can guarantee you the best service in the field. Thank you for choosing Ruby Wines - four generations of success!

Ruby Wines distributes to Massachusetts businesses with a valid liquor license.

Refer to the current Beverage Journal to view our selection.

Keg Wines

Fine tap wines in 20 liter Kegs

Disposable kegs- Italian wine


Shacksbury Cider (Vermont)
J.Lohr (California)
Lieb Cellars (North Fork of Long Island)
Clayhouse (Paso Robles)
Hahn (Monteray)
Angeline (California)
Buried Cane (Washington)
Martin Ray (Sonoma)
Smith & Hook (Santa Lucia Highlands)
Luna Vineyards (Napa Valley)
Bushido (Keg Sake)
Gran Passione (Veneto)

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Custom Beverage Services



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